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CERITA FABEL dalam bahasa inggris

The King Gambo
There was a herd of ants that lived under the big tree. Everyday, they was working together for their food suplyier. Among them, there was an ant that more diligent than another ants. His named Gambo.
One day, an ant checked the food suplyier in stockroom. However, the food suplyier was empty. He surprised and then, he called his friends.
“ Friends, our food suplyier is lost!” cried him.
“ Hah ??” cried all too.
“ Are you really? We has been getting it hard.”said a girl ant,” we can die without food!”
“ yes, it is true.” cried all again.
“ Oh my God!! What should we do?? We cannot eat for today, tomorrow, and forever,” said a girl ant again,” And…”
“ Please, stop! You are profuse!” a boy ant angried to the girl ant,” I know the stolen it! It is you!” He pointed a child ant that was standing beside him.
“ No, it is Kodi!” said another ant.
“ No, it is Teri!”
“ No, I am certain that is Mumu!”
The situation became noisy and more quarrel.
Fifteen minutes later, Gambo came.
“ what is happen? “ cried him.
All of ants was silent.
“Someone stolen our food suplyier, Gambo! And I am certain the stolen is Didi!” said an ant suddenly.
“No, it is Sasa.”
“ It is Bubu!”
“ Meri!!”
“ Stopped !!!” cried Gambo loudly.
“ It is not mean, if we are accusely,” said Gambo,” I have a plan to know the stolen.”
Gambo told all his plan to his friends.
And then, they went to assemble many food. They searched to north, they searched to south, to east and to west. They searched everywhere. After that, they saved the food to stockroom.
In the night, Gambo and his friends was waiting behind the door. Several minutes later, Tiko the mouse was coming slowly.
“ Ah?? It is Tiko?” said Bubu,” Let us catch him!”
“ please, you wait patiently! Let him eat the food,” said didi.
Tiko was eating the food happily.
“ ha..ha..the stupid ants! They are not keep their food nicely. Their food suplyier is very delicious!!” said him.
“ Fight !!!!!!” cried Gambo.
All of ants fighted Tiko.
There were entering to his ears. There were entering to his eyes. There were entering to his mouth and all of Tiko’s body. They were biting him.
“ I am sorry Gambo,” cried Tiko,” please, let me go! I promise…I do not steal again !!!”
“ Aakhh! Gambo, please,”
“ Ok, If you promise truly! Friends, let him go!!”answered Gambo.
All of ants was going out from Tiko’s body. But in Tiko’s ears, the ants did not heard Gambo said. So, they were biting continuously. And finally, Tiko died.
They were amazed. All were silent.
“ if we together, we are strong. But If we separate, we are collapse.”cried Gambo suddenly.
“ Give three cheers for Gambo!” said Kodi,” Hip..hip!!”
“hurra!!!” answered all of ants till three times.
Since it, Gambo became the king of his friends.

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